Parenting Program


You are your child’s first and most important teacher.

Neighborhood House’s Parenting Program helps parents enhance their parenting skills so they are more able to support their children’s healthy development and education. It provides culturally and developmentally appropriate services for families with children ages 0-6. The program values the diverse backgrounds of the families it serves and respects cultural differences as it works to support families in making decisions relating to early childhood education and parenting.

Parenting Program services include:

  • Developmentally appropriate parent-child interactive play groups
  • Parenting support groups
  • Workshops on nutrition, child development and early brain development to strengthen parenting
  • Home visits
  • Health and developmental screenings for all participating children
  • Parent resource lending library
  • Toy and book lending library for children
  • Support and advocacy for families of children entering school
  • Linkages to community services and opportunities
  • Family Literacy program including ESL classes
  • School transition services
  • Trainings for schools and community service providers on cultural-sensitivity and early childhood education

Client Story
Jennifer and EmmaLiliana, a mother with two daughters attending Sitton Elementary School, was suffering from post-partum depression. Two participants in the Sitton Parenting Group asked our Latino Parent Educator to invite Liliana to attend the group as they were both worried about her being isolated and depressed. When Liliana joined the group, it prompted the other mothers to share openly about their own and their families' depression, a topic normally considered taboo in their culture. Having found a supportive community, Liliana has become a committed member of the Parenting Group, making reminder calls to all the participants the night before each meeting.